Continous Medical Training / Scientific Activities

Medical knowledge is subject to ongoing refinements and further developments. Hence, a constant and consistent training is an inherent part of daily medical services. Without this we would never be able to maintain our high quality standards.


High quality and specialized advanced trainings on a regular basis are evident for Dr. Otterstedde und Dr. Sarkar. Both medicals are members of major national and international scientific expert associations. Beside specific specialist advanced trainings they also visit the annual conferences and congresses to be able to optimize and integrate every current innovation and tendencies into their work and medical practice. Key topics of the last advanced trainings were: allergology specific molecular component-diagnostics in allergology; sleep medicine; operation techniques in sleep medicine; acute hearing loss, tinnitus and inner ear disorders; vertigo.


Dr. Otterstedde and Dr. Sarkar also take part on a regular basis in surgery courses to take their advanced training to a practical level. Here they learn and practice the latest surgery techniques to implement them for their daily work in the operation theater.


Besides their routines in medical practice, Dr. Otterstedde and Dr. Sarkar continue their scientific studies. Focuses of their studies are inner ear disorders (hearing loss, tinnitus), allergology and sleep medicine. Dr. Otterstedde and Dr. Sarkar have been investigators in a study that researched new ways of hyposensitization for a better treatment of seasonal pollen allergies. Another study, accomplished by the Swiss biotech-company Auris Medical AG, describes a completely new and promising way of hearing loss therapy. The medication is intratympanically administered . Auris Medical AG is also leading in a completely new approach for tinnitus treatment. Here, the active substance within a biodegradable gel is applied directly to the middle ear. From there it can diffuse directly into the inner ear.