Soziales Engagement

Who is MIT e.V.?

The Medical Intervention Team e.V (MIT eV) is a recognized charity organization, founded by Dr. Barun Sarkar (Otolaryngology) and Dr. Julia Berkei (Plastic Surgery)in 2009. 
Plastic surgeons, specialists for otolaryngology maxillo-facial surgeons, anesthesiologist, dentists and oral surgeons – all with great experience – have joined forces to gratuitously help the deserving poor in developing countries and crisis areas.


Where do they help?

The team has chosen Sitagu Ayudana Hospital in Sagaing Hills in Myanmar (Burma) as place for action Sagaing Hills is in the vicinity of Mandalay. Integrated in a buddhistic monastery the small clinic is maintained by the local monks. 


Whom do they treat?

During the mission the German doctors give most of their attention to children. The so called congenital cleft lips and cleft palates are very common amongst them. Unfortunately, the medical infrastructure in Myanmar has not proven capable enough to treat these little patients in a sufficient way. This problem occurs throughout the whole country. Consequences for the little patients are dramatic. Often they are avoided by their fellow men and become excluded by society. Many children suffer from chronic malnutrition as food intake becomes more difficult. This is most often accompanied by tooth-misplacement, speech development disorders and chronic infections of upper airway.


We need you!

It takes about Euro 500 to give these children a medical treatment and a dignified life. For the period of the charity project the doctors take vacations or close their offices. Also a part of their travel expenses are financed by the team members themselves. So every donating goes directly to the affected and needy people. To keep their work going the team depends on donations. In 2013 alone, they have been able to help 120 children medically. This had a price – about Euro 60.000 were spent.


What is the vision?

Besides the operations the team emphasizes on integrating and teaching the local medicals and nursing staff. By this they become able to manage further surgeries and aftercare, themselves. Only by this, and step by step, the country and the population will get the chance to improve the deficient medical care – especially in rural areas – and to independently stand on their own two feet in future times.


Thanks to numerous and generous donations the Medical Intervention Team was able to give more than 580 patients, especially children, a surgical and dental treatment. This helped to improve their life instantly and lasting. Help us and donate!

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