Surgery Centre / Hospital for In-/Out-Patients

​Otolaryngology covers a broad of surgeries: microscopically controlled surgeries on the auditory canal and middle ear, endoscopically controlled procedures of the paranasal sinuses and the pharyngolaryngeal region, as well as surgeries on the cervical soft tissue via magnifying glasses. Due to the mostly tiny and often very contorted and sensitive structures, surgeries in the head and neck region are always a challenge.


Since many years we have the opportunities and experience to do these surgeries both for in-patient and out-patient.


We only give surgery recommendations when all conservative therapy options have been
exhausted. Even though, the surgical strains and complications are remarkably low, we are aware of the fears and doubts that come with surgeries. It is our highest aim to relieve our patients' anxieties, to give them a caring insight about the way and performance of interventions and to lead them as safe as possible through the operational phase. We strongly emphasize to be available 24/7 during the post-operative phase, no matter if the procedure is in-patient or out-patient. The outpatient surgeries are done in Westend Medical Clinic or the daycare hospital at Markus-Krankenhaus Frankfurt. These are two modern and best equipped hospitals that offer the best prerequisites for safe and highly professional surgeries.
The employed specialists for anaesthesia have years of experience and were pioneers in developing out-patient surgery. If necessary or demanded by patients, we also have the possibility to do in-patient procedures in our department at Markus-Krankenhaus.




Currently we are doing surgeries at following locations:


• Westend Medical Center Grüneburgweg 16-18 in Frankfurt

• Markus-Krankenhaus Wilhelm-Epstein-Strasse 4 in Frankfurt