Quality is our obligation, humanity our highest principle

Innovative research is the main driving force behind medical progress. We are constantly working on improving our patient care to make it more competent and more effective. Our medical training at the University clinic of Heidelberg obliges us to a precise and safe kind of medicine. This is emphasized by the cooperation of our academic teacher and former director of Heidelberg's University clinic Prof. Dr. Hagen Weidauer.


The focus is on man. We define the doctor-patient relationship by care, empathy and commitment. A differentiated and honest consultation is our aim. We want to include our patients to find the best possible treatment and therapy.


All working processes, work equipment and also constructional, technical and organizational factors are measured to to exclude, or to minimize at least,  all possible hazards. 


We are convinced that our medical expertise and knowledge are most effective for our patients when we can rely on a highly competent team. Together with this team we are fully dedicated to the highest demands in medical service and ethical responsibility.





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