Digital volume tomography (DVT)

also called Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)


In our office we use a Planmeca ProMax 3D ProFace to guarantee high-definition and low-radiation imaging of the cranial structures. This enables to do a quick and concrete diagnosis of our specialist subject. The complex anatomical structure of paranasal sinuses and middle-inner ear ask for an optimized imaging to detect any kind of disorder. With the Planmeca ProMax we are able to detect minimal alterations of the anatomical structures.


The Planmeca ProMax offers the most versatile program selection of 3D Imaging in the area of low dose DVT (CBCT). The benefits of this device are highest resolution with variable volume selection, combined with unique system logs, adapted to the indication. Contrary to the common CT-imaging this gives us a remarkably better resolution with reduced radiation.


Planmeca ProFace™ is an innovative 3D-face-picture-system within the DVT-device. This pioneering integrated system produces a realistic 3D-picture of patients' face plus a DVT-picture in one single session. We can also take a separate 3D-picture of patients' face without exposing them to radiation.  This method is mainly used for various nose jobs (rhinoplastic), in the pre-operative planning phase and in the post-operative aftercare. We are happy to say that SCS MedSeries® chose our office to be nationally the first to be equipped with this system. We are proud to give this opportunity to our patients.